Haute couture nature designer…

Are you targeting a particular type of woman?
There is no age limit for wearing my jewelry, just as there is no age limit for going out, getting married, or traveling. I also think of men. Many ask me. Both men and women love refinement and dreams.

What is the purpose of the accessory in an outfit?
To feel free. Accessories express our desires, our fantasies and our emotions. We wear them to be more beautiful, because freedom makes you beautiful!

…is jewelry a special accessory?
More than a bag, a scarf or pumps, jewelry escapes clothing rules. It is an ornament, a free expression, without sizes or seasons, without functionality. It's a small, minimalist work of art.

Often, your sources of inspiration are in nature:
It is a rich and precious universe, an infinite source of inspiration. I like the idea of ​​displaying a piece of nature, of keeping the trace, the imprint of these fragile and fleeting forms, beautiful above all.

Does your childhood in Morocco have an influence on your work?
Yes, I grew up in Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas. There is a flourishing, joyful and creative craft there. The work of the hand is like a language. And then this light and these bright and frank colors, very inspiring.

In your creations, are there any that are iconic, that is to say that they represent your spirit, your brand particularly well?
The ear of wheat, don't leave me. It has such strong symbolism. I have been using it and reinterpreting it for several seasons. I like the idea of ​​growing this half-flower, half-plant geometric figure endlessly. Sometimes baroque, sometimes graphic and contemporary, unisex, which can go as far as a decorative object on a table, or a light fixture. This is what I will propose soon. There is also the enameled flower in colored resin which is a more recent creation. Colorful, ornamental and discreetly spectacular, it is very successful.

You have collaborated with great fashion personalities: Christian Lacroix, the Schiaparelli house, Roger Vivier, Valentino. What were they looking for from you, why were they addressed to you?
These collaborations mainly concerned haute couture shows with unique pieces. They were all challenges, intense and demanding moments, where the workshop was able to demonstrate creativity, innovation, reactivity while respecting the imposed framework.

And what did they bring you?
These are unique experiences, with exceptional means. They taught me to think big and far. To approach jewelry with a theatrical, baroque approach, without limits or constraints. Only the big Houses allow this.

Today, who are the creators that you admire?
Dries Van Noten, for his madness, his audacity in colors, his prints, his shapes, his movement, his freedom.
Daniel Roseberry, DA at Schiaparelli with his exceptional fashion shows and a monumental and witty approach to jewelry.
Joseph Font, AD at Delpozo; A delicate, poetic, refreshing floral universe.


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